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“L2L ENTREPRENEURSHIP” is an EU- Funded programme through Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training. The programme has been designed to support low skilled young entrepreneurs to develop and realize business ideas to be launched on the European and global markets. The partnership will produce a free training course that will provide tools in all the essential aspects of the entrepreneurship process leading to the creation of a winning Business Plan. The on-line training course will be available on an e-learning platform for young aspiring businessmen, trainees and also for expert trainers who can use it as a support tool for face to face lessons and for distance learning. The project was developed in the face of rising youth unemployment across the EU and it was identified that increasing the entrepreneurial spirit amount youth is one of the key means to support the European economy and to increase employment levels. The partnership of organisations from across the EU believes that successful entrepreneurial initiatives for young people can also learn from the results and experiences of a previous project called “Let’s, Learning to Learn”, for senior workers.

L2L external evaluator

L2L external evaluator, experienced project manager Cecile Sauvage, from Spanish Foundation Fedacova working on the assessment of our results.

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Evaluation guide

L2L project is almost completed and lots of results have been achieved. If you wnat to know more, have a look of our evaluation guide.

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1. An increasing number of low skilled young people trained to develop their business ideas in different European countries.

2. Low skilled young people with more awareness, experience and professional skills through the participation in the on-line training course.

3. New documentation, resources and innovative methodologies available on a free platform for trainees and trainers.

4. Creative video lessons and testimonials.

5. An open L2L web site, containing information on the project, the aims, the activities, the results, the partnership and the training course during the life of the project and after.

6. Multiplier events to involve stakeholders and disseminate the project.

7. Dissemination materials, such as newsletters, press releases and brochures.


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NewsLetter – Romania


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The L2L project aims are:

1. Supporting new business creation.

2. Increasing opportunities for professional development.

3. Giving the opportunity to be involved in learning activities.

4. Increasing the sense of initiative, self-confidence and employability of youth.

5. Strengthening the relations between education, training and the international businesses world.

6. Developing new and innovative methods and formal, non-formal and informal ways of teaching and training.




AJEV is a non-profit business association created in 1985 whose main mission is to support young entrepreneurs to develop their start-up/business projects. AJEV main activities deal with:

  1. support and development of new business initiatives to entrepreneurs;
  2. support and advice in the implementation of projects on entrepreneurship and its subsequent development;
  3. collective defense and promotion of trade relations among its partners to drive its growth and consolidation;
  4. specialized training through various programmes and courses, management of grants and projects;
  5. organization of events, workshops, Forums and recreational activity programs, training and information;
  6. participation and coordination of projects in the field of R&D, innovation, training, social employment etc;

AJEV at present time has more than 200 formal associated enterprises, although their database reaches more than 1000 companies. AJEV, as Regional Entity of Young Entrepreneurs has been awarded several regional projects related to business support. At national level AJEV is leading a project, called CON-TIC-GO to boost entrepreneurship in women, financed under the Avanza2 program to Ministry of Industry. AJEV is an experienced partner in European projects fostering the promotion of entrepreneurship and capacitation of entrepreneurial behaviours thanks to training activities and up-skilling, as well as through the exchange of best practices. At EU level AJEV took part in the URBACT Project “My Generation” (2009-2011) with the Valencia Council town, a project addressed to boost the potential of youth. Also AJEV took part in the “Molt Project” with the Sagunto Council town, sit in Valencia, an EQUAL initiative addressed to improve the access to the labour market specially of women. AJEV has participated in a LEONARDO DA VINCI partnership called “Start-up communities”, and it is currently participating in some Erasmus + Projects, “Start-up’s internationalization”,  “Young Entrepreneurs Teaching Initiative for Young Entrepreneurs” and “Learning to learn entrepreneurship for low skill young people”.  AJEV was the current lead IO of PRACTYCEII, under the EYE 6th call and will participate also as lead IO in call 8th of the EYE program that will start in February 2016. AJEV belongs to the PIDI network, a national network of entities providing support on R&D funding. Since 2011, AJEV has set up several collaborations with entities dealing with financing, such as ENISA (National Company of Innovation) CVBAN (Regional Business Angels) Microbank La Caixa or the Valencian Institute of Finances. The office “Valencia por el Emprendedor” managed by AJEV for the Valencia Council town, has provided support to 2.300 entrepreneurs and has collaborated in the creation of 650 companies since 2005.


Communication Responsible: Raquel Montenisos Romero




FyG Consultores is a synonym of a specialized consulting firm, based on the expertise and extensive experience in international trade. We develop and implement Strategic and Marketing Plans, solutions that cover the entire spectrum of international business management. Our customers include a wide range in terms of sizes, shapes and legal sectors. We have a great expertise in developing customized and innovative solutions for the internationalization of companies, and developing specialized training and education in internationalization fields.

Founded in 2001, FyG consultores is present on the international market helping companies to define strategies that allows them to grow in foreign markets and international business. As a supplier of innovative solutions, adding business value through international methodology implementation at a professional level we are able to accelerate international business and grow for SME’S and entrepreneurs.

It is also an education and training company specialized in entrepreneurship and Start Ups training, providing: business strategy education, innovation, creativity and soft skills workshops, entrepreneurs and Start Ups mentors with experience in many projects related to Entrepreneurship Promotion and Education.

Web :

Communication Responsible : Aleksandra Staszynska

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EMPLOYABILITY TOWN is a training company dedicated to supporting businesses, educational establishments and youth organisations to increase the employability of young people. Our mission is to help young people to become ‘super-employable’ by developing their soft employability and enterprise skills. We provide bespoke online and face-to-face training solutions helping young people to reach their full professional potential. In 2 years of serving our customers, Employability Town boosted soft employability and enterprise skills of 2,334 young people of which 82% strongly agreed that our workshops and resources helped them feel more confident about their professional potential. Employability Town has been supported by the School for Startups, an organisation working with innovative enterprises set up by Dragons’ Den investor. The innovative approach to learning demonstrated by Employability Town has been recognised in February 2014 when the online portal was announced as a finalist in the national ‘Education Innovation Awards’. The national awards celebrate excellence and recognise innovation using technology that within learning establishments across the UK. As one of the key providers of soft employability and enterprise skills training, Employability Town is an Ambassador of National Careers Week – a celebration of career guidance and opportunities across the UK.


Communication Responsible: Klaudia Mitura



CAREER SERVICES OFFICE (CSO) of the University of Thessaly being one of the most well established institutions in the Greek educational society is mainly associated with the effective transition of its graduates to the labor market. CSO was currently re-established in 2009, in the framework of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007 -2013 and it functions on the standards of similar offices in other universities abroad. Being concerned with problems related to labor market, jobs availability, entrepreneurship and student mobility, one of the main objectives of the institution is to become a permanent link between the University and the business community. In addition CSO provides a number of services to its students and graduates concerning their career future, postgraduate studies and other general issues of interest to students.  As part of the activities and the fulfilment of its targets CSO on its own initiative implements various projects, which have as a main target to reinforce the development of new instruments and innovative solutions related to the Career Office overall objectives.

The experienced team of the Career Services Office has participated with great success in a large number of programs related to education, training, entrepreneurship and mobility. Actually the intensive project implementation has become one of the core activities and basic philosophy of the CSO during the last years revealing the Career Office of University of Thessaly as the only similar institutional body with such an intensive project orientation. In this context, CSO has cooperated with many other business organizations and institutions developing an integrated network of multidisciplinary partners. Characteristically some only of the initiatives that have been implemented from the CSO: “Supporting Business Ideas through the Career Centers” funded under the O.P. EPEAEK, “e-Internationalization of SMEs” under the framework of LLP Program and many other similar initiatives as well. Career Services Office is the only similar organization participating in the EU project: “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” as basic partner from the 1st Cycle of the program (2009) while at the moment the Career Office is representing enhanced activation under the framework of Erasmus+ in various actions providing new, opportunities to the involved staff and innovative services  to the interested beneficiaries and stakeholders. More specifically the Career Office is participating either as partner or as leader organization in almost all the actions funded by Erasmus+ such as: BaSE [Strategic Partnerships for adult education], ENT-NET [Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training], D-SEE [Capacity Building in the field of Youth], ESTPORT [Erasmus+ Sport] and many other as well.Additionally the Career Office has similar activation in various other initiatives as well “Progress in White” [DG Employment] while constitute important actor for significant regional actions for the enhancement of employability and youth entrepreneurship “Local Actions for Employment”.

Finally CSO cooperates with a large number of academic and research Institutes in the EU, participating in regional academic and business networks while it represents significant research activity through relevant publications to selected journals and conferences.  In addition this intensive cooperation with the various business networks takes the form of workshops, short staff visits, student exchange initiatives and transfer of know-how while together with the most significant business actors (both at regional and national level) the Career Office is organizing career oriented events (e.g. Career Days, Career Seminars, etc.) providing to all the involved actors such as graduates and business people the unique opportunity to interact themselves directly.



Communication Responsible:  Elena Vezali



ERIFO is a non-profit organization, founded in 2000 in Rome. ERIFO is an accredited VET provider aiming to support young people and adults into employment, education and new business creation through apprenticeships and VET through services as educational guidance help desk and the support to develop new business ideas. Its mission is to contribute to the reinforcement of Vocational Education Training system at Local, National and European level. ERIFO is also accredited to the Ministry of Education for the lifelong learning of staff school, for both traditional and distance-learning courses. Recently it has obtained the accreditation as “Body providing career guidance, professional counselling and information services” and it is operating as provider under the Youth Guarantee Programme during the years 2014-2017 and under the “Contract for Relocation”. ERIFO realizes training courses for employed, unemployed and professional adults. The topics for which ERIFO is accredited are: educational services, social and health services, eco-environmental services, services for the publishing industry, IT services, and event management. ERIFO is particularly specialized in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of skills, learning and VET programs, with an expertise in terms of interfacing between VET, employment and employability, enterprise and cultural Learning.



Communication Responsible: Giovanna D’Alessandro



ASSIST SOFTWARE – Company Profile ASSIST Software SRL specializes in outsourcing software development projects. Based in Eastern Europe, we are operating in a challenging economy that creates a fertile environment for Information Technology and business outsourcing. Our team has a solid and proven track record, delivering high quality and timely services. From designing ground breaking mobile applications to customizing existing enterprise applications to be mobile friendly, we build cross-compatible applications that are fully functional and easy to use. We are experienced in building scalable applications for the most popular mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Custom Application Development is also a part of our offer and customers can take advantage of our expertise in delivering high quality software that meet challenging requirements, using highly productive, distributed agile development teams and industry best practices.Based on Cloud Computing technology we deliver enterprise infrastructure expertise and experience to design, build, integrate and operate private clouds for customers, or host the client’s application services on our ASSIST Cloud. ASSIST has participated in many research and development projects from EU –FP7, EUROSTARS and ERASMUS+. The strategic advantages are the high standards in development & services that come from the excellent quality of the human resources.


Communication Responsible: Cătălin Nicolae TRUFIN